Softie Parachutes

We are proud to be able to supply probably the best make of emergency parachute available today - the Softie Emergency Parachute range.

The two main styles of chutes are the ‘Backpack’ and the ‘Seat Pack’.


The Wedge Softie ParachuteThe Mini or Micro Backpack

The ever popular Mini and Micro Softie is designed specifically to add lumbar and sacral support during high positive G maneuvers. It is ideal for the upright seating found in most aerobatic cockpits. Highly recommended for aerobatic pilots. Total weight is only 15lbs. Aerobatic harness set up available FOC.

The Softie Micro is designed for flight weights up to 180lbs and the Mini for weights up to 240lbs.


The Seatpack Softie ParachuteThe Seat Pack

The Softie Seat Pack is designed for use in aircraft that simply have no room for a backpack style parachute, this is a seat style that offers the same comfort and reliability as other Softie models. Most popular application is ex-military aircraft such as Chipmunks, Yaks and Harvards.

The Softie Seat pack is available in both 180lbs and 240lbs versions. Total weight is only 16lbs


The Softie Long

The chair style Long Softie is designed to conform to and maximize the comfort of the contoured seating found in todays high performance gliders and certain aerobatic aircraft.

The Long Softie is available in either 180 lb.(13" wide) or 240 lb. (15" wide) versions. Total weight is only 16 lbs.


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  • Ultimate comfort
  • Standard or Aerobatic harness
  • Canopy for weights up to 180lbs or 240lbs
  • Slow descent
  • Steerable
  • 20 year canopy life
  • Removable washable cotton sweat pad
  • Removable sheepskin pad - optional extra
  • Wide range of colours
  • Monogram ID for parachute and bag

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We do have pre-owned parachutes occasionally available, please contact us for further information.

We also offer a parachute repacking service from White Waltham EGLM. Your emergency parachute should be repacked at least once a year - always adhere to this, one day you may just need it! - click here

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