Impact Absorbing Aircraft Cushions

The Flying Organistation can now manufacturer a tailor made cushion for use in your aircraft using Confor foam cushions. Confor foam cushions greatly reduce loads placed through the body during heavy vertical impact thus protecting your spine and neurological system from damage.

Confor foams are ergonomic, urethane semi-open cell foams with numerous advantages over other PU materials. Available in a range of densities and flexibilities, they provide superior damping abilities and are used in a wide range of applications. These include furniture, medical equipment, sports protection and commercial aircraft seating.

Confor foams are linked to products designed for the NASA Space Shuttle program, which demanded ultra-lightweight, comfortable and long-lasting seating material with good shock absorbance. Their superior damping properties, shock absorbency and resistance to G-forces has made them the padding of choice for aircraft ejection seats.

Confor products are memory foams, meaning they can self-adjust to provide cushioning and support for a wide range of different weights. Their energy absorption capability both enhances physical comfort and provides impact protection. For this reason, they are widely used for airplane, automobile and motorcycle seats, and mattresses and cushions in hospitals, offices and homes.

In a recent study the findings state that Confor foam cushions significantly outperform any other foam product for comfort and impact protection. The results alo show that-

84% of pilots were more comfortable sitting on Confor foam cushions

Confor foam cushions are 30% better than other foams in impact testing

Confor foam cushions significantly reduce deceleration in vertical crash impacts

Our tailor made foam cushions are a combination of two Confor products enabling the best protection available against vertical impacts.

Give us a call and we will either use your measurments or visit you. Once we have the measurments we will tailor make a cushion to suit you and your aircraft seat. Cushions can be supplied as just the raw Confor foam, or we are able to upholster your new cushion into a leather or vinyl outer. The cushions are manufacturered to the highest quality and will compliment any aircraft interior.

Each cushion is different in dimensions so please contact us for a price to supply.

These cushions are a very small investment but one that you will be so glad you've made! Contact Rob if you need a reason to buy this product - he will give you all the evidence you need!