Smoke Oil


Finavestan - Ultimate Airshow Smoke Fluid


There is great pressure now-a-days to take more responsibility for our use of airshow smoke at displays. We a proud to be able to supply a refined white oil which is odourless, tasteless and inhertently biodegradable.

This oil is much safer and user friendly, offering a great alternative to the commonly used red diesel. Finavestan produces a thicker and whiter smoke trail than red or white diesel and is proven to require less fluid to smoke ratio. Finavestan is also classed as 'non hazzardous' therefore enabling you to transport it around by road if needed.

Supplied in 205 litre drums and national delivery within 5 working days. Priced at £1.99+ vat per litre (Jan 2014 price).

If you would like to place an order for 'Finavestan Oil' please contact - 07739 555203